DER thoroughly researched the situation, worked with the city, and gave me all of my options so I could make an informed decision on the best way to solve the problem. Their knowledge, experience and ability to stay on top of things really made this situation much better.
— Meg Carey, MARB Properties, LLC



In order for a project to successfully start with groundbreaking it needs to be properly directed as early as possible. Pre-construction services will help forecast what the project idea will consist of such as generating design, cost, schedule as well as other planning to solidify any uncertainties. 

Budget and Cost Analysis 

Site Acquisition 

Schedule Generation 

Zoning & Planning 


Design/Build is a fast track and money saving approach to a construction venture. In this construction method, DER’s project management team works extremely close with the owners and design professionals from day one to achieve the desired end results. In most cases, the project is still being designed and modified even after the project has commenced, which allows for easier incorporation of changes throughout. 

Architectural & Engineering 


Comprehensive Project Conception & Management 

General Contracting

DER’s experience with general contracting is very extensive. The company has a familiarity to a wide range of projects in this field. With general contracting, the total base price for a project is known before the commencement has taken place. If an owner happens to have an architectural and engineering design already procured, then normally a general contractor is chosen to bring this idea to life. 

Bid Submittal 

General Construction 

Project Management

Real Estate Development & Property Management

DER conducts operations in real estate development, management, purchasing, and construction for an array of tenants across the Southwestern Ohio and Northern Kentucky areas. These tenants include retail, residential, commercial, institutional, medical, and self storage. 

Real Estate Development 

Property Management & Maintenance 

Lease Agreements 



Construction Know-How

Commercial / Industrial Projects

Project owners minimize risk and reduce completion schedules with DER as the single point of responsibility on design/build office buildings, shopping centers, multi-family dwellings, restaurants, hotels, banks and retail outlets. 

Sustainable Development/Historical Renovations/Adaptive

Reuse and Finishing: When it comes to conservation and improvement of existing structures, including historical restoration, repurposing, upgrading and greening of existing building stock, and tenant finishes, DER is the expert. An in-house LEED® AP guides the sustainable building process on every project.

Municipal / Recreational Development

DER builds performance into parks, r ecreational facilities, fire stations and libraries, ensuring long-term functionality, sustainability and aesthetic appeal.  

Institutional/Medical/Educational Facilities

As a single-source GC, DER delivers a full range of construction and development services for hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, health & wellness centers, daycare centers, schools and other institutions.  


DER delivers optimized, cost-effective infrastructure solutions. From integrated site development to roadways, water and wastewater management, energy management and environmental upgrades, DER does the heavy lifting.